Exchange and upgrade

Exchange and upgrade your car at the nearest Renault showroom or drop in your details below for a free doorstep* appraisal of your car. At Renault, we buy any vehicle of any manufacturer and at any condition in exchange for a brand new Renault vehicle, the only condition is that the old car should be with proper documents.


Exchange is a 3-step process at your car's EMI

Ease that will please you

Your car value (in part or complete) can be used towards the down payment of the new Renault, the balance amount can be funded and you can drive a new Renault at your car’s EMI*.

  • Your vehicle is being appraised to find the assets in it and help you fetch every rupee it deserves.
  • It takes around 30 minutes to appraise the vehicle, which is a physical process of look, listen and feel of the vehicle. Vehicle documents are a must during this point.
  • Tips – A properly washed/cleaned vehicle shall fetch more value. Service history records shall be of advantage. You can get your vehicle appraised at your home/office.
  • *ZERO down payment and almost the same old EMI – The value of your vehicle can be considered as booking/down payment towards new Renault and the balance amount can be funded matching your car’s EMI by adjusting the tenure of loan.
  • Renault showroom offers one-stop solution on exchange.
  • Tips – You can exchange your vehicle, if there is a hypothecation or even if you are paying EMI’s on it. Ask for exchange bonus.
  • Handover your vehicle while taking the delivery of new Renault.
  • Complete the documents on both the new and the used car and stay worry free.
  • Renault dealers would see that your vehicle goes to right hands with transfer of Title.
  • Tips – Always put on the seat belt and enjoy a safe drive.

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*Free doorstep appraisal is offered within the city limits.